2017 REEL.


"Get Me High" Cameo Adele ft Joules | Director - Massimo Legittimo

“Rora” Reekado Banks | Director Dalia Dias

DP - Massimo Legittimo

Female skateboarders are on the rise. Their ascension comes with an abundance of sexism and comments left on social media daily to bring them down. Rather than feed into the negativity, they rise above the noise. The comments in this video are all straight from prominent social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These words represent the darkest side of skateboarding. As the saying goes, the darkest always comes before the light. We wanted to illuminate these grotesque comments with hopes of drawing attention to the issue. The skateboarding community is a vibrant collective of individuals with the capacity to eradicate such hate. Let us work together to rise up and support every skateboarder, no matter their gender, orientation, or race.

Above the Noise | Directed By The Smiths

DP - Massimo Legittimo

Camera Operators - Massimo Legittimo, Ryan Lovell, Jason Hernandez

“Game 7” Capito B ft. Rich Rocka | Director / DP - Massimo Legittimo

“I’m the One” DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne | Director - Eif Rivera

DP - Joshua Reis

Steadicam - Thor Wixom

B Camera Operator - Massimo Legittimo

“My Love” Bobby Brackins ft. Marc Bassy | Director - Damien Sandoval

DP - Massimo Legittimo


Cookin' - Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana & RysoValid  |  Directed - Eif Rivera   |   Produced - Jay Tauzin / Sara Lacombe / Central Films Dubai   |   DP - Mikko Timonen   |   Steadicam - Thor Wixom   |  Movi - Chris Aran   |   B-Cam Massimo Legittimo   |   Color - Robert Curreri   |  Art Direction - Juan Mabson


Figure it Out feat. Kanye West & Nas   |  Directed - Eif Rivera   |  Produced - Jay Tauzin   |   DP - Avi Cohen / Anthony Kimata   |   Steady Cam - Thor Wixom   |   B - Cam - Massimo Legittimo


"Michael Bay" - Cal Scruby  |  Directed - Mike Ho   |  DP - Anthony Kimata   |   B-Cam - Massimo Legittimo


Sevyn Streeter - Probably feat. Gucci Mane |   Directed - Mike Ho   |   Produced - Sara Lacombe   |   DP - Anthony Kimata   |   B-Cam - Massimo Legittimo


"You Don't Know" Tank ft Wale  |  Directed - Mike Ho  |  Produced - Jay Tauzin     |  DP - Anthony Kimata     B-Cam - Massimo Legittimo

Ambitious | Director / DP - Massimo Legittimo


Funeral - Lolahiko   |   Directed - Lauren Marie   |   DP - Massimo Legittimo   |   Edit - Massimo Legittimo   |   Talent - Caitlin Cusano


Rien  |  Model - Tina Sakiko Boyle

Tears  Model - Adrianna Christina


NFL Survival Campaign / Max Richter | Directed & DP - Massimo Legittimo

NFL Kickoff Campaign / Miguel | Directed & DP - Massimo Legittimo

NFL - “Bring It All” | Second Unit Director

Nyjah Huston Signature Hawkers Shades | Director / DP - Massimo Legittimo

B Camera Operator - Chris Ray

Color - Arianna Shining Star @ Apache

Glassy Introduces New Prescription Eyewear | Director / DP - Massimo Legittimo


"Fire and Ice" produced by Abandon Visuals is the story of young car obsessed boy and his badass grandpa. Shot on a WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 sensor and Leica Summicron-C lenses, the short film showcases a young boy envisioning a car racing through the mountain roads as his grandpa reads him a story to him about fire, ice, and a beast that roams the lands.


Directed - Johnny Mass   |   DP - Jared Fadel   |   B-Cam - Massimo Legittimo   |   Chase Cam GSS Operator - Trenton Palmer   |   Edited - Edward Khoma   |   Color - Tyler Roth @ Company 3   |   Sound - Brenden   |   Music - Julian Cisneros

Aviator Nation | Director - Brad Johnson

Production - Underscore Films

DP - Massimo Legittimo

B Cam - Rick Wayne


Join us as we go behind the scenes with Lady Gaga-the star of our new spring campaign. As fiercely feminine as the new Tiffany HardWear collection, Lady Gaga captures the creative spirit of New York City.

Golden Denim Spring '17 Collection | Director/ DP - Massimo Legittimo

Creative Director - John Garduno


Introducing the newest member of our syndicate, global moto-phenom and LAB athlete: Ken Roczen. Ride above your competition, ride above the hype, ride above the doubters. Ride Above.




GJG Denim  Model - Danny Devan


GJG | Love the Look You Wear Directed - Massimo Legittimo |  Produced - Linda Miranda @ GJG   Model - Rachel James |  Fashion / Set Design - Vonnie Alonso Sound - Darien Brown & Massimo Legittimo |  Special Thanks - Jason Barbagelott & Lucy.


DC Shoes x DEFT Family Shoe Commercial

DC has teamed up again with the motocross glove company Deft Family to create the a signature colorway of the Crisis. DC Moto athlete Nate Adams, founder of Deft Family, worked with DC designers to create a signature color of the Crisis inspired by a pair of his favorite motocross gloves.


Unless you've been living under a rock, it's no surprise that Tiago Lemos is getting his own pro shoe. Coming out swinging with insane video parts, massive pop, and style that harkens back to skateboarding's golden era, Tiago has made his mark on skateboarding.


Mikey 2 Shoe Commercial

You can tell by the permanent smile on his face that Mikey Taylor's love for skateboarding runs deep. We are proud to present his latest video offering for the Mikey Taylor 2 with UNILITE. All the impact protection you need with none of the weight.