Director // Director of Photography


     In 2012, Massimo’s work caught the attention of the DC Shoes which thrust him into the world of shooting extreme sports of the likes of professional skateboarding and motocross. This opportunity and experience had projected him around the globe, unlocking access to live amongst in various cultures and settings on location, and has led him to meet several people who have helped inspire him in his passion and work ethic. Coming from a genre such as action sports where you are required to always have to think on your feet and be confident in your vision at the drop of a hat with documenting live action, it is no wonder why clients can feel confident to entrust him with their projects at hand. There is a depth that is brought to the table - his unique style of motion such as the attentiveness to subtle movements that may happen on the spot are an asset for projects such as fashion, music videos, commercials, extreme sports, etc. to portray a vision to the audience of being in-the-moment and breathing life into their experience.



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