Red Epic / Fujinon 25-300 on set for Brainfarm's upcoming skateboarding project // 2014.

Red Epic / Fujinon 25-300 on set for Brainfarm's upcoming skateboarding project // 2014.



Director // Camera Operator // Video Editor


    Since filming skateboarding for the past 8 years, Massimo has had opportunities to help with multiple projects in that industry, whether it be web videos or feature films. In 2012, his work caught the attention of the DC Shoes Video Director / Camera Operator / and editor, Chris Ray. Massimo, at that point, moved on to become one of the only current professional camera operators on the team for the skateboarding division of DC Shoes.

    This experience has projected him around the globe and has led him to meet several people who have helped him grow in passion and work. Coming from a niche area of filming, where you always have to think on your feet and be confident in your vision, it is no wonder why clients entrust Massimo with their projects at hand. He strives to bring to you the best work that he can offer in every single project that lies ahead. Massimo also brings to the table his unique style of motion and action to shoots such as modeling, music videos, commercials, weddings, extreme sports, etc. to portray a vision to the audience of being in-the-moment.


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